The break in the aqueduct affected several homes, businesses and government buildings in Elizabeth

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A huge water main rupture has left several residents and businesses in Elizabeth Borough without water today.

However, water cut-off is not the biggest problem facing these residents today.

A break in the aqueduct not only filled the street with water, but also filled basements, businesses, homes, and the Elizabeth Borough building.

The break in the 12-inch line occurred on Second Avenue around 1:30 p.m.

Firefighters went from door to door to evict residents from their homes, and volunteer firefighter Elizabeth Barr Chad Reger said about two blocks were left without water, including about 20 people in homes and businesses.

Basements, including area buildings, were flooded in many of these places.

Police Chief Elizabeth Barr Bill Sambo told KDKA that a bunch of their criminal complaints are now submerged – he said they will need to call state and county police to check for damaged records.

“It doesn’t penetrate through my front door, but my basement, and everything is flooded and disappeared into my basement,” said Robin Schmidt, in which the basement was flooded.

“We just inspected the whole area, made sure everyone was safe, and started knocking on the door, lifting everyone up, we got a lot of damage in the basements, nothing on the ground floors,” said Chief Reiger.

The Penn-American Water Company crews were at the scene for hours trying to fix the line.

Meanwhile, there is a buffalo near the building of the district for needy residents.

As a result of the break, some were left without gas and electricity because water got into some nearby electrical panels.


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