The case is moving against a West Allegheny student who is accused of having AR-15 in his car

OAKDALE, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – A West Allegheny High School student accused of bringing an AR-15 to school property appeared in court on Monday.

18-year-old Jason Seanser gave no comment when an officer took him to court on Monday morning. Earlier this month, North Fayette police said they found a loaded AR-15 in a Spencer car parked at West Allegheny High School.

Spencer’s case is moving forward as his previous hearing has been canceled. The teen’s lawyer, Blaine Jones, told KDKA that they decided it was best to send Spencer’s charges to the General Courts.

“This is obviously a very serious case, especially in such a climate,” Jones said. “There’s a climate where guns and schools don’t mix. It causes a lot of alarm bells for a lot of people, and our goal is to find a solution that’s good for Ja’shon and good for society,” Jones said.

According to the criminal complaint, a school resource officer first interrogated Spencer because he smelled of marijuana. The complaint states that police found a small amount of marijuana and a loaded rifle in the car. The complaint said the car belonged to Spencer’s mother.

In a letter sent to the parents two weeks ago, the school district said that “firearms never left the student’s car, and investigators do not believe that West Allegheny intended to use it.”

Jones could not say why Spencer KDKA-TV had a gun in his school car.

Spencer’s mother was in court on Monday and had no comment.

“She’s struggling, her son is in jail, she’s a wonderful woman and I’ve known her for quite some time. She just wants the best for his son. She’s happy no one was hurt, but she misses her son,” Jones said. .

Spencer is accused of possession of weapons on the school grounds, firearms that cannot be carried without a license, corruption of minors and intentional possession of a controlled substance by an unregistered person.

His next appearance in court will be his formal indictment on July 11.

“We’re trying to work on an amicable solution that probably doesn’t entail any lawsuits because we want to sort it out,” Jones said.

Spencer remains in the county jail, and his bail was set at $ 5,000.

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