The City of Erie FRG received $250,000 for fire safety

Tower trucks from the West Ridge Fire Department and the Erie Fire Department fly under a giant flag at the Erie 9-11 Memorial, Sept. 11, 2021. Photo by Joel Natalie,

State Representatives Bob Mersky and Pat Harkins announced today that a $250,000 grant to the City of Erie Fire Department will help fund public safety equipment in the city.

The lawmakers, both D-Erie, said the grant will help the department meet critical needs.

“Erie firefighters are some of the most dedicated firefighters out there, but they can’t do their jobs without a full complement of work equipment,” Mersky said. “Equipment requires constant maintenance, and replacing outdated equipment is expensive. This funding will help add much-needed resources to the department.”

Harkins said, “Our community’s firefighters risk their lives for us when they go to the front lines. Securing this funding will help ensure they have the equipment they can rely on as they work to protect the rest of us.”

Funding is provided through the State Department of Community and Economic Development.

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