The couple’s team runs a thriving logistics business Business

The team is making strategic strides in the logistics sector.

The owners are Antoine and Regina Fine Alfa Transports, Ltd.a shipping and trucking company that acts as an Amazon delivery service provider.

After Antoine Fine was fired from corporate governance, the couple sought opportunities to become suppliers to Amazon Logistics.

Alpha Transport CEO Antoine Fine has more than 23 years of management experience, and Regina Faine, the company’s CFO, has more than 22 years of accounting and auditing experience.

The duo, who is originally from Houston, originally sought to start their own logistics business in the region.

“This area is one of the longest waiting lists in the country,” Regina Fine explained. “So we waited until Amazon assigned us a station so we could get started, and probably about seven months later, we were still on the waiting list … and we got a notification that there are other areas in the country that have an urgent need, and one of those areas was Philadelphia. ”

At first Regina Faine was not interested in doing business in the Northeast, but then she started researching the market.

“I just started exploring Philadelphia, and I really believe that God has prepared us for coming to this area,” she said.

They eventually moved from Houston to the Philadelphia region and officially launched their business in April 2020, shortly after the pandemic hit. Fains ’foray into the logistics industry occurred when many people were ordering from online stores through Amazon.

“For delivery service providers, it was really a good time to come in,” Regina Faine said. “We haven’t really seen a slowdown in business.”

But Alpha Transports has had to overcome various setbacks since they set up shop in the area. For example, Regina Fain recalled that she had to send some of her drivers home after they had difficulty returning their cars to their designated parking lot in Port Richmond when a raid was made at a nearby mall during the 2020 civil unrest.

“We were driven into the area, a few drivers were under gunfire, and we are still thriving, and I know that by the grace of God we were able to do that,” Regina Faine said.

“Our greatest joy in this role is the opportunity to empower our team because everyone starts with us as drivers and then we advance from within.”

She is proud to be able to see some employees transition into management positions.

Alpha Transports has about 60 employees and operates an average of about 23 routes a day.

In February, the pair expanded to launch Fain Logistics, Inc. and become an independent contractor for Fed Ex Ground, now serving nine zip codes in the Maryland area.

Regina Faine said they learned the basic lessons on their entrepreneurial journey.

“We had to come up with strategies and solutions on the go, so we learned for sure that there is no problem you can’t solve,” she said.

“The main thing is that if you’re upset, don’t let the team see that you’re upset. Use your resources and you will make the best decision. “

– Entrepreneurs selected by the African American Chamber of Commerce

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