The cult classic actor of “The Room” Greg Sister will visit the Penn Cinema for screening; here’s how to get tickets Entertainment

Greg Sister, star of the cult 2003 classic “The Room,” will visit Penn Cinema in Litiz in March for a special screening and questions and answers.

Entertainment Weekly called “The Room” “Citizen Kane” bad movies because he is known for his overly bad acting, bad script and amateur filming.

Despite the infamy, the film remains one of the biggest jokes on the internet.

(The article continues after the video on YouTube.)

The sister plays Mark, the protagonist opposite the writer, director and lead actor Tommy Vaiso.

He has written a book about his experience with the often chaotic Wizot called “The Catastrophe Artist,” which has been turned into an Oscar-winning film in 2017 starring James and Dave Franco.

The Sister will visit the Penn Cinema in Lititz for a special screening of “The Room” on Friday, March 18 at 7 p.m. He will receive guests in the theater, and then stay on questions and answers.

Tickets cost $ 24 and are available at penncinema.com/TheRoom.

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