The Delaware Senator was reinstated to the Legislative Committees a few months after his acquittal State and region

Delaware Sen. Darius Brown was reinstated in two legislative committees more than three months after he was acquitted on charges of assault.

Last May, a woman accused Brown of punching her in the face and throwing and smashing a glass of water after an argument at a restaurant in Wilmington.

Brown was accused of insulting touching and hooliganism.

In January, he was acquitted by a jury after a brief trial.

When the charges first surfaced, Senate President Dave Falcon removed Brown from the Legislative Judiciary Committee.

Then in November, a colleague of Brown, Melissa State Representative Minor Brown, accused Senator Brown of shouting obscene language during a legislative session. Following this incident, Falcon expelled Senator Brown from the landscaping committee.

Falcon said he was reinstateing Brown on both committees in light of his January acquittal.

“As Pro Tempore, I removed him from these committees on the charges he faced last year, and now I have reinstated him in office, given his acquittal in court and my confidence that the terms of these sanctions were appropriate “- said Falcon in a statement by e-mail on Tuesday.

A few days after he was acquitted in January, a group of Wilmington pastors and NAACP staff called for Brown to be reinstated immediately, saying Falcon punished Brown before he could prove his innocence in court.

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