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WESTERN CHESTER – Chester County Court has found a man from East Pickland guilty of third-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend.

A panel of six men and six women returned with a verdict on Friday to the courtroom of Judge Analysis Sondergard after four days of testimony, including defendant Mark Turner, who admitted to hitting a woman, 45-year-old Rachel Jaeger, after suspecting her. about betraying him with another man.

The verdict was a victory for the defense, as the prosecution argued that the murder was premeditated, and would therefore qualify as first-degree murder, punishable by life imprisonment in a state prison.

However, Turner – who remains in Chester County Jail – will be convicted by Sondergaard later. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison.

During court testimony, a friend of Turner said he quarreled with Jaeger some time before the November 2018 incident. Text reports said he claimed to have kicked her out of his home on Ridge Road near Phoenixville, but allowed her to return.

However, at one point he found her at home with another man – someone he said was called Patrick. He suspected them of having a romantic relationship and told a friend he was going to legally evict her from the house.

According to the court, on November 1, 2018, Turner went to work in work clothes and work boots with a steel toe. He had a couple of drinks at a bar in Phoenixville and another at a bar in Ox and returned home with a quart of beer around 11pm

When Turner came in, Jaeger was sitting on the couch only in Turner’s robe and shirt. Turner went upstairs to go to bed, but noticed the wet spot and suspected Jaeger of betraying him and Patrick that day. He came back down furious.

Turner then allegedly hit Jaeger several times on the head with a clenched fist, hit her on both sides of her jaw and used his steel-toe work boots to kick her several times in the vaginal area.

He called police, who responded to a call for domestic violence. Outside the house, he admitted to hitting Jaeger.

“Did someone hit someone?” Asked the interlocutor 9-1-1-. “Yes, I hit her. She fainted on the couch, ”Turner said in response. “She is drunk. I hit her in the face. ” Asked if the woman was breathing, Turner assured the interlocutor 9-1-1 that she was.

“She’s fine,” Tuner said on the recording. “I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want it to get worse. “

An autopsy revealed that Jaeger died of blunt force head injuries. She had significant bruises on the left side of her head, from her chin to her temples, and across the genital area. There were red bruises and scratches on his left thigh, left thigh and ankle. There were bruises on both of her knees. According to officials, there were significant dark bruises on Jaeger’s right arm.

The case was prosecuted by Chief Deputy Attorney General Michelle Fry and Assistant District Attorney Justin Roberts. Turner was represented by attorney Vincent DiFabio of Paoli.

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