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WESTERN CHESTER – The Chester County Department of Voter Services reports that the counting process after Tuesday’s primary election continues smoothly, including all polling stations, and only provisional and military / foreign ballots not yet counted.

“We have been preparing for this election for many months to make sure that every citizen of our constituency not only knew that their votes would be counted properly, but also that the election was safe,” said Chester County Electoral Director Karen Barsum. . “Every aspect we have developed and every improvement we have made has been implemented.

“Larger envelopes for postal and departure ballots were used. Operating machines did not cut the envelopes. We had more than enough county staff to help us in each shift. I could not be proud of our staff, as well as all voters and judges. “

Any ballots in the mail that were considered questionable, meaning that the Voters Service was not sure whether to count them, were suspended and reviewed at a specific time – 9:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 9 p.m. during election day and 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 18th. This time was set so that stakeholders could review the ballots and determine whether they would appeal the decisions made by the Voter Service regarding the counting of ballots.

The board responsible (also called the computing board) met on Friday morning to begin the counting phase and begin determining the preliminary ballots. Tuesday is the last day the constituency receives ballots for military and foreign voters. They will be credited if they have been sent to the postmark by 16 May.

“Feedback on the trial from each witness on the spot has been positive. People could see, consider and hear how we explain each step. The new expanded space worked very well to make everything more efficient. We will continue to use the same updated procedures in November because they worked so well, ”Karen Barsum added.

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