The exhibition “Magic of the Mountain” showcases real and imagined scenes of the Hawk Mountain Reserve

Albany artist John Bond will present his latest exhibition “The Magic of the Mountains – Real and Imaginary Scenes” at the Hawk Mountain Nature Reserve from May 27 to June 24.

“Mountain Magic contains 42 original works of art that reflect the magic, mystery and stark beauty of Mount Hawke and the rural landscape of Albany Township. The art, created using oil, egg tempera, watercolors and silver, offers the viewer different ways of seeing my environment, ”Bond said.

Hiking for many years inspired him to shoot scenes and images that he either studied carefully or came across.

“Some works are very demanding scenery, while others are both representative and partly abstract, hence the author of the exhibition” scenes are real and imaginary, “- said Bond.

The unfinished business, a painting of egg tempera, is part of the John Bond exhibition “The Magic of the Mountain”, which is exhibited at the Hawk Mountain Preserve from May 27 to June 24.

The artist hopes that visitors to the exhibition will need a few minutes to appreciate the simplicity and sometimes deeply motivating feelings that can be experienced around Mount Hawk.

“There is always a mystery in this Kempton area because of the real history and folklore stories that are so closely linked to the landscape. Ghost stories, spirituality and a share of melancholy – all have some measure in art, “he said.

Nature plays an important role in his work.

“Nature is always the driving force in my work. We need to treat the world of nature with great respect, appreciate its purpose, understand its lessons, ”Bond said.

Hawk Mountain also influenced his art.

“The places around Mount Hawk are always the places I visit most often when I want a little solitude and time to think,” Bond said. “The peak near Mount Yastreb is closely connected with my art. I like it because the word pinnacle means highest or best. I always try to do my best. “

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to access a free audio tour that will tell more art stories.

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