Voting in the upcoming midterm elections is easy. We don’t need to be bombarded with mail programs and TV/internet ads – we don’t know what to believe. The American people can see this for themselves.

Just walk through the grocery store and see how food prices have risen due to 40 years of high inflation. Endless empty shelves are the result of supply chain disruptions and labor shortages.

The cost of energy is at its highest level in decades and continues to rise. Gasoline prices at gas stations are more than double what they were a few years ago under President Donald Trump.

Our country is in an energy crisis, but President Joe Biden refuses to increase domestic energy production when we have tons of resources under our own soil. The countries on which we depend for energy do not share our values ​​and interests. They are using our dependence as leverage for military and geopolitical influence, further threatening our national security.

A perusal of the news reveals record levels of violent crime rising across the country at an alarming rate. We are losing our cities to Democrat-led crime and lack of law and order. We also have a crisis on our southern border with record numbers of criminals.

Americans’ retirement accounts are falling as the stock market continues to move in a negative direction due to inflation and a lack of confidence in the state of our country.

Before you vote, ask yourself a simple question: “How are things going under today’s Democratic leadership?”

Melissa Reid
The town of Vesnavy