The family creates a local beverage brand in a good mood Business

Tiffany Green has evolved from selling fruit drinks from the trunk to having her brand provided by a major supermarket retailer.

She recently struck a deal with Brown’s Super Stores to have Dylanade the brand is sold in six local grocery stores.

“It could change the trajectory of our company,” Green said of the ShopRite deal.

Drinks can be found at ShopRites on Fox Street, Island Avenue, Oregon Avenue, Roxbar and Parkside, as well as at Fresh Grocer at Monument. Green said they sold 80% of their products in stores over the weekend of April 1-3.

About 15 years ago Green started making iced tea and lemonades to sell them as a way to make extra money.

“I used to shoot and shoot commercials, and if you’re in the entertainment industry, you have to create a fuss, and that’s what I’ve been doing for years,” Green said, reflecting on her humble beginnings in the beverage industry. .

“On Fridays and Saturdays, I went outside, picked up the trunk, went to salons and barbershops, and they supported me every weekend. So I survived for a very long time. “

She stopped because of the tension and stress that come along with driving, carrying refrigerators, drinks and ice.

In the summer of 2020, her 14-year-old son Dylan Gamble approached her with the idea of ​​resuming the lemonade business. Friends asked him if his mother was still selling lemonade and cupcakes. However, Green did not want to resume business.

“I thought, ‘Do I want to get back to this?’ Because it’s a pole. It is not easy, ”she said.

Green decided to start work again in September 2020, when her son decided to be an active business partner.

Their line is available in six different bottled flavors, including berry, peach, pineapple, strawberry, tropical and original lemonade.

Green taught her son to make lemonade and other aspects of the business.

“It was exciting, insane and hectic, and there are a lot of things with that,” Gamble said. “But overall it’s a family business, so it’s always good mood and positive things.”

Green often uses commercial kitchens at the Dorans H. Hamilton Culinary Enterprises Center in West Philadelphia to prepare his products.

The mother and son team received a significant national boost in business after in January 2021 Dillonades was featured on the You Tube platform of rapper and entrepreneur Percy “Master P” Miller.

Since then, the business has grown and Dillonades is sold in local small retail chains including Carlino’s Market, Marinucci’s Deli, Ricci’s Hoagies, Tasty Drake’s and The Wiz Cafe in Philadelphia and Ital Fusion in New York City.

Green has been working to get her line carried to ShopRite supermarkets since she successfully popped into the store last June.

For Green, getting her product noticed by a major retailer in supermarkets was a learning process.

“There’s no one you can go to for this, so a lot of it has gone through trial and error,” she said.

The Philadelphia native is proud to offer products that do not contain concentrate and artificial flavors.

“In terms of taste, we still pour fresh product into a bottle that hasn’t undergone intensive processing, so we still have a real taste,” said Green, who designed the logo for her brand.

“While most competitors want to be at a level where heavy machinery does everything, and it’s not really about a quality product. I will always be at the stage of quality over quantity. “

Green often interacts with her customers when she trades in different locations so they can have fun.

“When I deal with my customers and we sell our products. It’s fun, ”says Green.

“Our product is good, but it’s not even just about the product. It’s about experience. So when it comes to that part and what I add to the drink, I don’t think my competitors can compete with that. ”

When Green had the opportunity to sell at Dilworth Plaza last year, it became a significant extension of the brand.

“It has helped us to brand our company even more because so many tourists come,” she said.

She is now preparing for the Flower Show in Philadelphia in 2022, which will be held June 11-19 at FDR Park.

It is scheduled to open a booth at Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey by June. Green said their common goal is to introduce more products and ultimately make the brand global.

“I want everyone in the world to know what Dillonades is,” Gamble added.

-Entrepreneurs selected by the African American Chamber of Commerce.

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