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Milestone 20 season American idol crowned his victor.

The owner Ryan Seacrest revealed Noah Thompson after nearly 16 million votes were cast. The construction worker asked Idol sang his new single “One Day Tonight” to close the show when confetti exploded at the celebration. Noah is better off buying his best friend Arthur something nice after he encouraged him to audition.

The audience had to work hard, as the top three put everything into their performances during the grand finale. In the first round, Leah, Noah and HunterGirl took on Bruce Springsteen’s compilation of songs “The Boss”. The second round gave them the spotlight to showcase their own singles. A few days before The trio returned to their hometowns, where they were met by the hero. Leah was eliminated earlier in the evening, leaving Noah and HutnerGear to earn America’s voice in the final showdown.

The three-hour show was also seen Idol finalists share the stage with the judges Luke Brian, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and other musical titans for some really stellar collaborations. Carrie Underwood was unable to attend due to COVID exposure in her group.

Is America clear in your eyes? That’s how the night unfolded.

The girl-hunter

HunterGirl went to the familiar “Dancing in the Dark” for Bruce’s round. Katie said she brought electricity. In the second round, the beginning of the country star performed his hit “Red Bird”. Luke was touched and appreciated the sublime symbolism of the red birds. Lionel applauded her work with veterans using music therapy. HunterGirl chose “Riot” Rascal Flatts for her latest performance. He originally received a platinum ticket while auditioning. Katie called her the “Hunter Woman.” Luke has no doubt that his protégé will go far.

Noah Thompson

Noah flashed on “I’m on Fire”. Luke credited him for going so far and bringing such humility to the process. The construction town followed this with its single “One Day Tonight”. Katie summed it up by saying, “You came from working on the arch and from where all your characters come from, and you’re going to do something really great. Don’t stop dreaming. ” Noah advanced to the final round, regaining his weekly choice of “Showstopper” Rihanna’s “Stay” starring Mickey Eco. Lionel had two words left: that’s all. Katie and Luke have enjoyed the rise since he last heard the song from him to date.

Leah Marlene

Leah came out first with “Cover Me,” a Springsteen track that Lionel thought she made her own. In the second round she performed the original song “Flowers”. Lionel gave props for songwriting. Emotional Katie called Leah a genius messenger. Leah emotionally accepted the love, reflecting on the path she had taken on stage.

Flo Reed and top 10

The hitmaker from Miami started the show with “Good Feeling” along with the finalists on the roof of the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Earth, wind and fire and Jay Copeland

Jay was in his element with the legendary band when they performed “Let’s Groove” and “September”. The band also singled out another popular one in “Shining Star”.

Dean Carter and Mike Parker

Mike Parker worked pretty well on the show with “Strawberry Wine. So, for the R&B-style country performer, it made sense to duet with Dina in the final.

Ben Platt and Lady K

Lady K. has joined the multi-faceted artist “Take Me to the Pilot” Elton John. Lady K’s transformation was truly incredible.

Gabi Barrett and Emirson Flora

Gabi returned to the stage that first gave her a platform to be a superstar. She sang her new hit “Pick Me Up”. This season the young Emirson joined Gabi on the smashing “Good Ones”. Gabi’s husband and his head colleague Cade Foner played the guitar.

Tai Verdes & Idol Contestants

Everything was “AOK” when Ty Verdes arranged a fun collaboration with some of the finalists.

Sarah Bareils and Nicolina

Nikolina has revised “She was mine” since the beginning of the season together with the artist herself. Magical things.

Thomas Rath and Katy Perry

In a duet that I didn’t know I needed, that’s “Where We Began”. A match made in a pop country paradise.

James Arthur and Fritz Hager

Fritz was in his element, with a guitar in his hand, dueting with James on “Can I Be Him”.

Michael Buble and Christian Guardina

Michael was true to his word after inviting Christian to join him in the final a few weeks ago. They got together for Charlie Chaplin’s timeless “Smile”.

Melissa Etheridge and Noah Thompson

Noah won a pair with one of Melissa’s outstanding singers “I’m the Only One”.

Lionel Richie and the top 10

It was a moment that was like a dad or a teacher with all his children or students. The talented band shared the stage with the Hall of Fame on “You Are”.

Ben Platt and Sarah Bareils

Due to the fact that Kerry could not perform, we were treated to a joint song by Ben “Grow As We Go”.

Katy Perry and Leah Marlene

The show showed footage of Leah performing “Fireworks” in 2011 on the school stage. Let’s move on to today and Leah’s singing with Katie. If not american idol in a nutshell, don’t know what it is.

Luke Brian and HunterGirl

HunterGirl has gone from performing for Luke on Broadway in Nashville to going on stage with a judge. They got together for Randy Travis’ “I Told You So.”

American idol returns for another season in 2023 on ABC

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