The first gynecological operation using robots was completed at IRMC | Health

An IRMC spokesman said DaVinci XI surgeons / gynecologists Dr. Tracy Gemmel and Dr. Quinis Hurdle have successfully completed the first robotic-systemic gynecological surgery at Indiana Hospital.

He said Jamel, a native of Indiana County, has conducted hundreds of cases using robots and is a pioneer in his field. In turn, the IRMC recently announced its 100th milestone for robots.

“Doctor. Gemmel is one of the most experienced robotic gynecological surgeons in western Pennsylvania, ”said Dr. Dan Clark, director of the IRMC’s Center for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery. “This expansion of services, not previously offered here, demonstrates the IRMC’s continued commitment to providing advanced, minimally invasive options at the local level.”

Dr. Tracy Gemmel

For gynecological surgeries, IRMC said that daVinci XI is used specifically for hysterectomy (benign and malignant), endometriosis resection, myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids) and sacrocolpopexy (restoration of pelvic prolapse).

The IRMC said robotic surgery allows patients to go home hours after the procedure, compared to overnight stays for most patients after conventional surgeries.

Dr. Quiniece Hurdle

Dr. Quiniece Hurdle

It says additional benefits of robot-based surgery include minimal invasiveness, reduced pain and discomfort; less downtime and faster recovery; and minimal scarring.

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