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Jennifer Lopez’s first husband is “not convinced” that her marriage to Ben Affleck will last.

The Marry Me star tied the knot with the 49-year-old actor and director earlier this month, nearly 20 years after their engagement first ended, but Ojani Noah, who was married to the On the Floor singer from February 1997 to January 1998 – is skeptical about how strong their union will be.

He told the Mail on Sunday: “I wish her and Ben all the best but I’m not sure it will last. Jen loves being in love but she’s been engaged six times. Ben is husband number four. I’ve been husband number one and she told me i was the love of her life when we lay in bed on our wedding night she said we would be together forever….

“I’m happy she’s back with Ben, but I have a feeling it won’t last.

“I think she will be married seven or eight times. I don’t see her ever settling down with one man. She strives to constantly move forward in her professional life, so her career spans three decades, but she also moves on in her personal life.”

Oja was working as a waiter at Gloria Estefan’s Miami restaurant Lario’s On the Beach when he first met Jennifer, who starred in the movie “Money Train” and was busy filming “Blood and Wine”, but did not know who she was or her life as ” megastar” eventually took the loss.

He recalled: “Many times I felt like Mr. Cinderella. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. At first I had no idea who she was.

“We fell in love when she was already famous. But during our marriage, she became a megastar. For years it was too painful to talk about. I wanted to hide and live my life. But when I saw that she married Ben, who is a nice guy, the feelings came back.’

The pair first kissed at a Blood and Wine after-party, but then Jennifer flew back to Los Angeles and the pair spent several weeks talking on the phone before Ojani, who came to the US illegally from Cuba when he was 15 years, joined her at the premiere of the film.

He recalled: “After the premiere, we went back to her hotel. It was the first time we made love. It was perfect. She was perfect. Afterwards we were lying down and she said, “I want you to always be in my life. I love you.”

Although the couple were smitten with each other, Ajani’s life was turned upside down when Jennifer landed the lead role in Selena, the film that made the On the Floor singer a megastar.

He reflected: “She went from being Jen to J.Lo, this big business that was making millions. There were many new people around her, all of them wanted to make money from her. I was calling and the assistant was saying, ‘Sorry, she’s not available.’ “

But even after they married, things took a turn for the worse as pictures of Jennifer with Sean “Dee” Combs, who was producing her album, began to circulate and she told her husband that she “can’t” have children yet because it will hurt her career.

He said: “I called Jen and asked her why she was going on dates with him and she said, ‘It’s just business. That’s what I was told I had to do.” I was jealous and shouted: “But you are married!”

“We wanted children, we discussed having children. Then she told me she couldn’t have a baby because it would hinder her career.’

And the personal trainer was encouraged to “fake it” when they traveled to Chicago in 1997 to film an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Ojani recalls, “Oprah knew we were in trouble. I was sitting in the audience thinking that Oprah was going to come to me because we talked about it beforehand.

“Oprah said to Jen, ‘I hear you guys are in trouble.’ With such a pretty face and a pretty smile, Jen said, ‘No, it’s great,’ or something like that.”

The couple eventually broke up and the “Users” actress began dating Diddy publicly, but she remained close to her first husband.

He said: “There were times when she told me she wanted to get back together. In her quiet moments, she said, “I need you in my life. I don’t want to lose you.’ “


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