The first Presbyterian church of Belfonte holds the last service

Dunaker estimated that before the pandemic the church had about 40 members, the number was reduced to 25, and from March 2020 until Easter Sunday no personal worship was held. When Danaker joined 34 years ago, she said, there were about 200 people present.

Pam Benson, 77, a member for 73 years, said that when she was born during World War II, many businesses were closed on Sunday and several events planned. She also believes that fewer parents insist that their children attend services, and that churches have not always been competitive in recruiting new members.

“It was so different. That was just what you did. If you weren’t really sick, it was just what you did, ”Benson said. “It’s just change, it’s progress. This is what is happening. Not that I like it, but it’s what I have. ”

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