The flagpole in O’Hare is set in memory of Matthew LeTourne – Daily Local

Representatives of Cardinal O’Hare High School on Sunday dedicated a flagpole and plaque in honor of Matthew LeTourne, the deceased firefighter who “deserves to have their legacy lived in such a significant way.”

LeTourne, a 1993 Cardinal O’Hare high school graduate who served in the Philadelphia Fire Department, died in the line of duty on January 6, 2018. A native of Springfield, LeTourne also volunteered for the Springfield Fire Company and the Springfield Ambulance. Housing.

“This flagpole will stay here forever,” said Bob Adams, Cardinal O’Hara’s assistant athletic director, during a ceremony on campus.

Adams noted that the flag and board will be visible under the lights at every football match and home event. He said a flagpole was set up in the center of campus, next to a cross in honor of the late football coach Danny Oleg.

“The two of them will be looking at the field,” Adams said.

Adams added that the second part of the consecration of the flagpole will include a memorial bench in honor of LeTourne, which he said will give people a place to sit when they come there to talk to LeTourne or pray. “It was his dream to work for her. a big city, ”Adams said. LeTourne knew at a young age that he wanted to be a firefighter, like his grandfather.

LeTourne joined Springfield Fire Co. in 1991 at the age of 16, the youngest at the time. He quickly earned a reputation as a man who loves to teach and teach others. He later became a county and state fire instructor, and taught at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center and throughout Pennsylvania.

“We are honored to add this flagpole to our campus,” said Michael Connor, president of Cardinal O’Hare High School. “With the name of the Goal forever attached to it, it will be a reminder to our students and all our visitors to our campus of the legacy he leaves (including) leadership, courage and service to society.”

State Deputy Jennifer O’Mara, a D-165 from Springfield, announced that the American flag hung on a pole was hoisted over Harrisburg earlier this month. She said that although she did not know LeTourne, she felt she had met him after meeting his family, friends and colleagues over the years. O’Mara described LeTuro as a man who “deserves to have their legacy lived in such a significant way.”

Philadelphia firefighters were sent to a house fire with reports of people trapped. Philadelphia firefighters responded on a snowy morning to Colorado Street, 2240 in North Philadelphia, where they reported a fire inside and full of thick black smoke. During the attempt to save the occupiers there was a collapse of the structure, and LeTourne pressed. Firefighters released him, but he died of his injuries. Two other firefighters from Philadelphia were injured in the crash, and the homeowner was killed.

LeTourne served as a lieutenant with Engine 45 / Platoon A, and he was promoted to captain posthumously. LeTourne, who was to be promoted to captain before his untimely death, has served in the Philadelphia Fire Department since January 2007.

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