The Frightful Five, friends for life, to celebrate their 70th birthday

Six decades ago, five girls met in seventh grade at Kutztown High School and became close friends.

Diane (Berger) Miller
Diane (Scheive) Olinger
Diane (Scheive) Olinger
Marilyn (Baver) Adam
Marilyn (Baver) Adam
Linda (Dunkelberger) Allison
Linda (Dunkelberger) Allison
Janice (Bond) Stanislaus
Janice (Bond) Stanislaus

They were Janice (Bond) Stanislaus of Exeter Township, Linda (Dunkelberger) Allison of Albany Township, Marilyn (Baver) Adam of Greenwich Township, Diane (Schaeve) Olinger of Ruscombe Manor Township and Diane (Berger) Miller of Albany Township.

After years of hanging out, they grew into young women and went to Kutztown High School together.

Senior year, when the yearbook committee was looking for an ad for patrons, they decided to post an ad as a whole group. They wanted to use a wise name for themselves. So, they thought, there are five of us and we’re fearless, so let’s call ourselves the Frightful Five.

More than 50 years later, the Fearsome Fivesome are still going strong, and they all turn 70 in 4 1/2 months. The group plans to celebrate with a holiday party at Hummels Restaurant in Lenhartsville on Sunday at noon.

It wasn’t easy keeping the group together after high school as they all got jobs, got married and started families. But they got together periodically, and over time their visits turned into monthly meetings.

They played cards, baked clams, had Christmas parties, dinners and homemade ice cream nights. Sometimes their spouses, who all get along, were included.

Everyone is retired, they have time, and of course they choose to spend a lot of it with each other!

They no longer meet monthly, but weekly. They meet every Thursday. They go to lunch, play cards and laugh like in their school days.

They also go on vacation together every year. They went to Hawaii; Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Avalon and Cape May in New Jersey; Pocanos; Nags Heads, North Carolina; Alexandria, Virginia; the Finger Lakes in New York; Ocean Pines, Maryland; Mystic Seaport, Connecticut; and even a Caribbean cruise.

At every vacation, they laughed, cried, picked on each other and were close like sisters.

They have been through a lot together: the birth of children and grandchildren, the death of parents, several husbands and wives, children’s weddings and retirement.

Everyone will be roasted at the planned 70th birthday party. In addition, a poem will be dedicated to them.

It says:

“Hey girls, don’t worry – after 70 years, you’ll just forget about it! Do not rush to make a will – because you are now Over the mountain. Take the time to smile—you have time before things go south—and your teeth fall out of your mouth.”

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