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April 20 (or 4-20) is considered an unofficial holiday of smoking or celebrating marijuana smoking. The date and time (16:20) are observed by cannabis lovers around the world and have become representatives of the cannabis culture. Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery owner Stephen Taylor wants to change the way this show looks. Germantown Art House is hosting a “sublime” dinner and gallery to celebrate the event.

“There’s an appetite for something that’s not just ‘okay, here’s a bunch of edible foods or things you can buy from many different vendors and go about your business.’ I wanted to do something I had never felt before, ”Taylor said.

An exciting sensory experience combines photography, music and food (with option 420). Chef Jessica Kleinerman, who specializes in making and baking natural infusions, will combine nine courses with cannabis with a guiding interpretation of Stephen Taylor’s work. Dr. Anya Love of the John Coltrane Symposium has compiled a personal Coltrane playlist that combines Coltrane’s classic track with each course. For those who want to attend this event but do not participate in the “enhanced menu”, options that do not include cannabis are also available.

“I asked Dr. Lava to make me a playlist so that he could artistically display or perform these drawings in conjunction with each dish. He was in the gallery, so I said, “Based on how you feel in these images, give me a playlist to put it.” So it’s just a meeting of different artists to come together to have what I call a very unique tour of the artist’s work, which turns out to be myself, “Wright said.

For this special event, Wright knew he needed to work with the right people.

“There are a lot of things I can’t do. I know the gallery provides a really good background and I can talk very well about my work. It’s a former piano salon, so it was built for sound. Ideally I enjoy collaborating with people from the diaspora of all the arts and so that we can highlight those aspects of the gallery that you may not be able to get elsewhere.

“To set the mood for how this tour will go, each set of images will be covered when we go through the tour, so we will be very deliberate to guide the audience. It will be this magical tour of Coltrane, the chef’s dishes and through the images as well as the energy of the space, ”Taylor said.

The menu includes dishes such as spinach and strawberry salad with balsamic vinaigrette with olive oil and cannabis, a tender pretzel with coarse sea salt and spicy brown mustard with cannabis oil and a lobster roll with fresh mayonnaise and fried mayonnaise. with avocado oil with cannabis.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit ubuntufa.com

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