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Election giants in the first round Cavon Tibado and Evan Neal signed their contracts with the newcomers on Saturday after training the newcomers in the mini-camp. Their deals are determined by their draft slots.

Thibado gets four years and $ 31.3 million with a full guarantee as a 5 overall pick. Neil gets four years and $ 24.5 million with a full guarantee as a 7 overall pick. Both contracts come with a fifth-year team option for 2026.

This is much earlier than the giants usually sign the election in the first round.

Daniel Jones, Sakuon Barkley and Andrew Thomas signed in July of their respective years of conscription, and Kadarius Tony signed in June last year after the restraint.

Thibodeaux and Neal are represented by the same agency Klutch Sports Group. GM freshman Joe Schoen and the Giants front office along with Clutch agents Kelton Crenshaw and Damarius Bilbo made sure that the “blue chip” election in the draft was fixed earlier.

This term may represent a new norm for the Giants under Shoen.

“It’s great,” Neil said on Saturday while on the field for the Giants. “To get out and get back in the right position, I didn’t play the right roll from the second year. So it brought back a pretty good nostalgia. That’s really good. Are you practicing in an NFL team? It won’t get any better. “

News of their deals was reported to the NFL Network, while Tibado and Neil were still on the field, making team photos ready to sign as soon as they walked inside.

Giants coach Brian Debol said that the undefeated free agent of Belarus Jason Corbyn (pronounced Jay-Shawn) “stood out a little” during the first training session of beginners on Friday.

“Sporty, quick twitches, good in faces,” Dabol said. “Individual training, there are a lot of them, you are almost going to professional days or individual trainings. Some of the workouts we even do here are some of the workouts we do when we train with guys to make you feel good about them. You can compare the types of apples with apples ”.

Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan, a draft guru who also works at CBS Sports HQ, told the Daily News that he thinks Corbyn will fall “RB2 for Saquon” this fall.

“He has vision, elusiveness, footwork,” Hunt said. “He may be the guy to clean up Dabola’s planes.”

The Giants showed how much they valued Corbyn when they gave him $ 110,000 guaranteed in signing – a significant amount for an undocumented free agent.

A back weighing 5-10, 203 pounds, suffered a severe hamstring injury in 2019 at Texas A&M. He recovered, moved to Florida and led the Seminoles in a hurry last fall in his second and final season with them: 887 peak yards (6.2 per transfer), seven peak yards, 25 catches, 144 yards on admission and scoring.

On Saturday, Corbyn also demonstrated the ability to return antlers. The Giants could find another playmaker.

This weekend the Giants had 84 players in a mini-camp for beginners: 53 attempts, 13 free agent signatures without a draft, 11 draft elections, three free agent signatures in 2022, two free agent signatures in 2021 and two international players programs.

The News caught up with Football Gameplan’s Hunt and Tony Pauline of the Pro Football Network to highlight a few more names to watch out for:

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CB Darren Evans, LSU, UDFA: Long. 6-2, 179. “Let’s make a training team,” says Pauline. Transferred from Nichols to LSU. Hunt: “If he had stayed in Nichols and was a big fish in a small pond, he would have been taken away on call.” An outside corner that played LSU with Giants third round CB Cor’Dale Flott, which is more of a slot. So they have some chemistry / dating. At Saturday’s practice, they also lined up in a 7-on-7 row.

FB Jeremiah Hall, Oklahoma, UDFA: 6-2, 239. Extreme defender Hunt № 1 in class. Think of Tide and Soners as more of an N-back in a Dabola attack that could also block and carry the ball. Guaranteed to receive $ 30,000.

FB Isaiah Johnson-Mack, Sagina Valley State, attempt: super athletic, 6-3, 227, played in WR, LB and TE, bouncing in college from Washington State to Bowling Green to South Miss to SVSU. Can be a “major special commander”, according to Hunt, with flexibility of attack / defense, “a chess piece on game day”.

Yusuf Corker, Kentucky, UDFA: 6-0, 199. Julian Love projects as the starting strong security giants. But fourth-round picks Dane Belton (Iowa) and Corker give the Giants a few young sub-package options and contenders for their young, slim, evolving secondary lineup. Corker has blitz abilities and “plays fast all the time,” Hunt says.

TE Austin Allen, Nebraska: 6-8, 253. “There may be theft of UDFA,” – says Pauline. Set a Nebraska record for admission in one season in the high-end tight end (38 catches, 602 yards, two TDs). Was named the best end of the year by Big 10. Good on controversial catches.

Other UDFA signatures: DT Chris Hinton, Michigan ($ 115,000 guaranteed); CB Zyon Gilbert, Florida Atlantic; Trenton Thompson, San Diego; TE Andre Miller, Maine; OLB Toman Fox, North Carolina; DT Antonio Valentina, DT, Florida; OL Josh Rivas, Kansas; DL Jabari Ellis, South Carolina.

Pauline says Rivas was “better in 2020 than in 2021, but he’s“ definitely a linear ruler like Bills ”. Also says the OL TJ Storment attempt (6-6, 322) was a “decent OT” at Texas Tech that “designs in OG”.

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