After a year off the air, the Golden Globes return to NBC in January as the Hollywood Foreign Press Association looks to return to primetime after more than a year of upheaval.

NBC, the Hollywood Press Association and Dick Clark Productions officially announced the return of the Globes on Tuesday. The 80th Golden Globe Awards will be held on January 10th and will be broadcast on NBC and the Peacock.

Over the past year and a half, Hollywood actually boycotted the Globes ceremony, which for many years was one of the most popular after the Oscars. But after the Los Angeles Times reported ahead of the 2021 telecast that there were no black members among the HFPA’s 87 members of non-American journalists, studios, publicists and stars said they would stop attending the Globes. Tom Cruise took back three Golden Globes.

Since then, the HFPA has reorganized, revamped its membership, and implemented reforms aimed at curbing the kinds of unethical behavior for which the group has long been criticized. The HFPA has added new members, including six black voting members, and recently added 103 international non-member voters. The HFPA said Tuesday that their vote is now 52% female, 19.5% Hispanic, 12% Asian, 10% black and 10% Middle Eastern.

“We recognize the HFPA’s commitment to continuous change and look forward to bringing the Golden Globes back to NBC for its landmark 80th anniversary in January 2023,” said Frances Berwick, chairman of NBCUniversal Entertainment Networks.

NBC had reasons to put “The Globe” back on the air. In 2018, the channel signed an eight-year agreement to continue broadcasting the awards until 2026. Citing reforms underway at the HFPA, NBC decided not to air the previous Golden Globes in January. The organization went ahead, announcing the awards, in any case, at a low-key meeting without the nominees’ supervision.

This year’s ceremony, the organizations noted, will be broadcast for a period of one year. Terms were not available, but the deal is expected to be less than the roughly $60 million the network has been paying annually to air the Globes. Because of the backlash and the cancellation, the 2021 Globes drew 6.9 million viewers, up from more than 18 million the year before, according to Nielsen.

Whether NBC’s endorsement will be enough to bring the Globes back to Hollywood remains to be seen. Do Cruise and “Top Gun: Maverick” want anything to do with the Globes? Or how about Brendan Fraser, this year’s top actor contender for his performance in “The Whale,” who said the HFPA dismissed allegations that he was groped by then-HFPA president Philip Burke at a 2003 dinner as a “joke.”

But the Globes have long played an important role in Hollywood’s awards season as a bridge between the rush of December releases and the Oscars, which this year take place on March 13 — some time after the contenders debut. For studios, the Globes are an important marketing opportunity that may not directly affect the Oscars, but it can affect the box office. Nominations for “Globus” will be announced on December 12.

The HFPA is currently led by interim executive director Todd Boley, whose investment firm Eldridge Industries bought the Globes and turned it from a nonprofit to a for-profit organization. The Boehly firm is also the parent company of Dick Clark Productions, the award-winning producer and owner of the Globes’ longtime home, the Beverly Hilton.

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