The heat that left the red color was the binding of the color “White Hot” – Reading Eagle

So how did White Hott leave Miami Heath after seeing the Reds in the series on Tuesday night, defeating the Atlanta Hawks at the FTX Arena? It turns out the playoff theme can sometimes create a color connection.

So it was in Game 5 of the first round when “Heath” played in their red uniform in the Statement Edition at home and the Hawks were dressed in white against the backdrop of the white “Heath”.

As explained by Sun Sentinel Vice President Heat Michael McCullough, the goal of “White Hot” is primarily conceived as an exciting experience for fans.

“The red uniform makes some sense within the organization,” McCullough said, “and we always want to give the team the opportunity to wear what they want to wear.”

Such decisions are a joint effort of both the basketball operations and the marketing part of the team. Basketball operations will sometimes alternate after a series of losses or losses in a certain color scheme. So it was in 2018 after a series of home losses in black alternative T-shirts of the Vice Nights team since retirement.

At the time, Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said: “We used to do this as an organization when we switched to the red uniform, just to change the dynamics.”

During the series of the first round against the Hawks, the Heath wore a white Association Edition uniform in the first two home games, a black Icon Edition uniform during Game 3 in Atlanta, and then again a White Association Edition in Game 4.

Then came Game 5, and the home fans saw the red color.

“We naturally like it when they wear their ‘home’ white uniform,” said McCullough, whom The Heat called their “brand architect,” he said of his organizational wing, “but keep in mind that White Hot dressed fans ”.

The home team gets the first choice of uniform styles for each game, and then the NBA clears the approved palette of opponents ’uniforms, which the road team can take into account from its annual inventory.

This leaves “Hit” the opportunity to play in white, red, black or this season’s “Miami Mashap”.

“Teams have all the uniforms they can wear in the playoffs,” McCullough said. “The deciding decision is still the guiding rule, so we have to choose accordingly if we are a road team.”

The Heat will host Games 1 and 2 (as well as Games 5 and 7 if necessary) in its semifinal series of the Eastern Conference, which opens Monday at the FTX Arena.


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