The investigation continues after a military man shot dead a man in Washington County

KDKA-TV learns more about a man shot dead by a Pennsylvania police officer during a traffic stop in Washington County over the weekend.

The state police is conducting an investigation with the help of the district attorney and investigator. It is unclear how many shots were fired and where the man was injured, but state police said the participating officer was performing administrative duties in accordance with state police rules.

Around 6pm on Saturday at the Rural King store in the Washington Crown Center, the military was called in to report the theft. A police officer spotted the car, which matched the description of the car leaving the store, and stopped it.

The driver of the car was taken into custody, but state police said 26-year-old Dennis Fanoimoana refused to come out despite several verbal commands. State police also said he indicated he had a gun and he did not put it off. That’s when the soldier fired.

A neighbor who has lived across the street from Fanoimoana for five years said he has been creating problems in the neighborhood for the past few months.

“We were all on high alert. He hid and wandered around the neighborhood at night. A large number of vehicles. We all closed things in our small town, ”a neighbor said.

Stepfather Fanaimoana, who did not want to go to the camera, said that his stepson over the years got into a lot of trouble, and he has not spoken to him for a long time. He also said that Fanoimoana has a young daughter.

The name of the driver involved in the incident is not reported. KDKA-TV also asked state police if the military was wearing cameras. A spokesman said no.

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