The investigation into the 2020 Republican election has lasted 6 months – The Morning Call

Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature continue to investigate the state’s presidential election in 2020, inspired by baseless allegations by former President Donald Trump about election fraud.

The contract will run for another six months, until Nov. 18, according to an extension signed last week by Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward, Senate Republican Advocate General and Senate Chief Clerk.

The original contract without an offer, including the app, cost $ 485,115 and ended last week. The dollar figure is not attached to the enlargement.

Senate Republican officials say the contractor has not billed the full cost of the contract, while Republicans are fighting in court for access to voting machines and certain information about voters and voting systems that Democrats say are protected by privacy laws.

Senators who are conducting what they call an “investigation” have not yet reported the results and say they are simply looking for ways to improve the state’s election rather than cancel the 2020 presidential election.

The venture spawned three lawsuits and came after Trump and his supporters put pressure on allies in the states he lost to seek fraud to confirm their conspiracy theories.

Critics, including Republican senators, warn that his supporters want nothing more than to cancel the 2020 election. Democrats have widely opposed it, describing it as an attempt to discredit President Joe Biden’s victory, damage the credibility of the election and disenfranchise.

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