The LERTA plan of Barrel Township makes the final decision from Indiana County Local news

The ordinance on tax aid to revive the local economy in the town of Barrel was approved by the Indiana County Council of Commissioners along with the LERTA ordinance for Indiana County.

The Burrell Township LERTA program covers 10 years of tax breaks for the improvement of any residential, commercial or multifunctional facilities or any new or commercial construction.

County Attorney Matthew T. Budash said LERTA Borel begins with a 100 percent tax exemption for such improvements in the first year, after which such exemption is reduced by 10 percent each year until the exemption is terminated.

The actions of the county for the town of Barrel and the county of Indiana follow local and school actions. In the case of Barrel, the LERTA decision was approved on January 25 by the Board of Directors of the River Valley School District and then on February 16 by the Supervisory Board of the township of Barrel.

The Indiana LERTA ordinance, approved by the Indiana School Board on January 10 and the Indiana City Council on April 5, provides for a seven-year property tax freeze on new residential, commercial and industrial construction or property improvements in qualified and approved areas.

Such improvements should be $ 20,000 or more in construction costs. There was no such restriction for the village of Barrel.

LERTA was among several issues approved by commissioners on 11 May.

On behalf of the District Attorney’s Office, Detective Michael Schmidt described a police traffic police grant program in which the federal government will provide the county with $ 21,750 from the federal government through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to help enforce traffic rules and regulations that also govern motorists. as pedestrians.

Schmidt said a local match was not required.

The commissioners also approved an application for an additional $ 10,000 in PCORP (Pennsylvania Risk) funds from the Pennsylvania County Commissioners’ Association, in addition to the $ 20,000 PCORP loss prevention program grant, which was approved on March 9.

The money will go to additional smoke detectors and other security measures in large offices.

“I think we’ll see a lot more of that,” said Chairman Michael Keith.

The commissioners corrected an error in the list of two parcels purchased last month.

At the time, the council approved an agreement with Doverspike Real Estate Partners to buy a $ 580,000 property on 220 Airport Road, near Indiana-Jimmy Stewart Airport in White Township.

“It was not expected that both properties will be listed in this contract of sale,” – said Budash.

Instead, the commissioners will buy land from Doverspike for $ 550,000 and from Lynn A. Doverspike for $ 60,000.

As Budash said last month, the costs are indirectly coming from the county’s general fund and will lead to the relocation of some county offices, possibly from the extension of the courthouse along Water Street, while a new department could be set up.

At the end of last week’s meeting, other reports were made:

• Keith said the Indiana / Jimmy Stewart Airport master plan will be on public display at White Township Airport on May 23 from 6 to 8 p.m.

“This is a master plan for many, many years,” said the chairman of the commissioner.

• Gorman said plans are being implemented for the Jimmy Stewart Air Show in 2022, which will take place at the airport on July 9 and 10. Schultz’s air show will provide civil aerobatics, and you will be able to see birds of prey and exhibits, as well as food and family entertainment.

Gorman said transportation would be provided from the parking lot to the airport, which is “not a school bus” but “much more sightseeing.” Admission is $ 10 in advance for adults, $ 15 at the entrance, and children under 12 are free.

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