The fascination with magic has always been. There are countless books and movies about witches and wizards. The release of books and movies about Harry Potter has managed to develop this passion, because Harry Potter gave children and adults a vital look at this magical world. To take advantage of this hobby, this spring Philly will host an exciting cocktail bar and a restaurant inspired by a magician.

The first place for Katla was very suitable in London, where Harry Potter was filmed. Alumni of Rutger and Marleton, a New Jersey native Matthew Cortland quit his job to follow his dream of opening an exciting magic bar.

Cortland began as a teacher at Teach For America and worked at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia. He later moved to Florida to earn a master’s degree in creative digital media and learned to produce technology. Five years ago, he started telling people about his idea to open a bar inspired by a magician, and the reaction was mixed.

“I started telling people that I was going to quit my job and open this business,” and it was a small leap for understanding for people because nothing like this has ever existed, ”Cortland says. He decided to move to London to set up his own company.

With his expertise in technology and his love of reading science fiction books, Cortland invented the magic wand to make that fantasy real. After creating this unique magic wand with miniature technology, Cortland says that “the logical place for me was the bar setting, a pub where IoT technology (the Internet of Things) was blended into the fabric of what it was. So there’s technology around you and you don’t realize it. You don’t see it. It’s just there. And the magic wand is the key to interaction, and I thought the pub was an affordable place for that because it’s the gateway to the magical world. ”

The magic wand, created by Cortland, is the “key” to unlocking the bar’s magical functions. Throughout the panel there are items that interact with the wand. The wand can lock and unlock the “enchanted” cabinet in the bar and can cause the “enchanted” unicorn to pour a cocktail into your glass. The wand also lights up when properly gripped and can be adjusted. The wand is fully interactive with the entire bar and restaurant and has sensors that hold the tab. Looks like a real wand. As an additional treat, a robe is included to complete the look of the magician.

In addition to the “magic” in the bar, The Cauldron’s great attraction is the experience of preparing potions. “It’s an hour 45 minutes of“ Spellcasting 101 ”and includes three drinks. One drink that you pour as a welcome drink with our magic wand. Then you sit down at work and make two extra drinks. The first is called “Transfiguration Tonic”, and the second – “Lost Time”. They use a magic wand to interact with the equipment at the table, ”says Cortland.

There are also non-alcoholic options. Students are equipped with a cast iron cauldron and potion instructions, as well as fresh ingredients to prepare two lighting, bubbling and smoking drinks. This experience is provided on tickets, and sessions start at $ 39.99 per ticket. Classes will be held in the basement of the Cauldron.

Food and beverages served in the bar area will also be themed. All drinks are interactive and have different effects such as fire, ice, smoke, color change, lighting and even love.

“Wizard of Menlo Park” is a ginger cocktail inspired by Thomas Edison, which emits clouds of smoke. Katla’s love potion, “Damiana’s Charm”, uses Damiana, a natural aphrodisiac, as a side dish.

The food will be British comfort food. Fish and chips will be served on lodges made of hot river stones that will bubble and smoke steamed sea salt. Cauliflower cheese is served in a preheated pan, which is set on fire and extinguished with English white cheddar. “Elven Bread” is a warm freshly baked loaf of sweet bread wrapped in banana leaves, presented on a wooden log with homemade lavender-honey yogurt. The Cauldron is working with local vendors to bring aspects of Philly into what they already do.

“We just love fantasy and magic. It’s all just a science we don’t understand. We see all these ideas in fantasy as we simulate this using modern technology to make it real. That’s what we do. “

The cauldron is a dream of any magic lover! Unfortunately, all wizards and witches will have to wait until spring, until the “Cauldron” opens a two-story Philadelphia. Philly’s Charming Bar will only open in May, in the heart of Midtown Village at 1305 Locust Street. But you can travel to New York or London to visit other Cauldron places.

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