The man was accused of organizing a scheme of grandparents in the Pittsburgh area

PITTSBURG (KDKA) – A man from Florida has been accused of fraud with his grandparents in the Pittsburgh area, the federal prosecutor’s office announced on Monday.

A federal grand jury has accused 25-year-old Adrian Arozko Perez of conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering after prosecutors said he arrived in the Pittsburgh area in February to defraud elderly victims.

In a so-called scam with grandparents, telephone scammers pretended to be a lawyer and told the victims that a family member, usually a grandson, was in jail and needed money to bail and pay for legal services. Prosecutors said Perez would pretend to be a courier or servant and go to the victims’ homes to get the money.

Perez is also accused of similar behavior in Tennessee and Georgia, where he is now in prison.

He could face up to 20 years in prison, a $ 250,000 fine or both.

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