The Mats get to Braves after Travis d’Arno chases his old team; Trevor Mae punches injury – Reading Eagles

In the first meeting of the season against reigning champion Braves, the former catcher “Mets” tortured his original team for seven years.

Travis d’Arno posted three strikes at night on the plate and amassed three RBIs, helping to bury the Mets in a 5-2 defeat by the Braves in the first series on Monday at Citi Field. D’Arno, who was released by the Mets on May 3, 2019 and won the World Series ring with the Braves in 2021, is gaining 0.469 in nine games against Amazin since three years ago they released the catcher.

“He can get on any serve,” said D’Arno Chris Basit, who started Monday and has an arsenal of six pitches. “And it’s extremely rare. Literally every step you have to throw is good. Many times you have strikers who are not good in certain fields, and d’Arno is good at literally every step.

Both Basitt and retailer Trevor May, who made the serve due to injury, struggled to hold back Arno’s hot bat in Metz’s eighth defeat of the season. The Mats (16-8) also lacked their manager, Buck Shawolter, who was disqualified for the game as a result of Mets gunman Joan Lopez on Sunday threw Kyle Schwarber. Substitute bench coach Glen Sherlock took over as manager and said the team learned 40 minutes before the game that Showalter had been dismissed.

Mae said his triceps tension from last month still worries him and completely affects the way he lays on the mound. He has an 8.64 ERA through eight aid appearances this season. Mae described the situation as “just as frustrating as everything in my life.” On Tuesday morning, he will go for an MRI and will probably require a stay on the list of victims.

“I don’t feel 100% healthy,” Mae said. “It’s hard to compete if you’re just worried about whether it will hurt to throw something or not. That’s until I’m not very comfortable throwing my best innings, and … by the end of the night I was just hoping the ball hit someone. This is not a way to throw in a major league match. My teammates definitely don’t deserve it. “

Meanwhile, the Mets ’attack scored just five shots the night after their performance with 15 shots against Phyllis in Sunday’s win. Lefty Max Fried had a lot to do with the lack of results in New York on the plate. The left-hander allowed home runner Mark Kani in the third, but the rest was stunning through six innings and 90 pitches. The Mets loaded the base against the Braves bullpen in the seventh, but failed to make more runs on the plate and wasted a key opportunity.

Monday was Basito’s first career outing against the Braves as former Auckland right-hander A continues his first look at National League teams. Bassit was solid – allowing three earned wounds on six strokes and striking out eight in seven innings and 95 innings – but he faced some unfortunate results in his fifth start as a Matt, which slightly increased his seasonal ERA from 2.25 to 2, 61.

The Basit at 93 miles per hour sank to Danesby Swanson at the bottom of the zone and was due to be last in the fifth inning, but home plate judge Chad Fairchild called it a sword that allowed the battle to continue. Basit completed Swanson’s move and seemed a little shocked by the outcome of the battle. He hit Ronald Akun Jr. with a step before escaping the runners on the jam, summoning a stand to Matt Olson.

When the half ended and Basit left the mound, Fairchild seemed to tap himself on the chest and told Basit “my bad” about the missed hit of the third hit. Basit also told Fairchild at the time that he regretted appearing, thinking that perhaps his third shot was actually a ball.

Basit said the judges are better than the people giving them credit, and he respects the responsible and unregistered conversations he has had with the judges since they started checking pitchers for sticky things last season.

“I think judges have one of the hardest jobs in the world, and I have no problem if a judge misses a challenge,” Basit said. “If that happens, and especially if the judge accepts it, then what will I say? I keep saying it was a filing and then I come back and look at it and they’re right. I will not be angry with any judge, I will tell you. “

Although Basit was able to avoid the fifth inning altogether, Fairchild’s missed call changed the right-hander’s exit. In the sixth inning, instead of standing on top of the order, Basit opened the frame, allowing units to Austin Riley. Basit allowed four of his five hitters to reach base in the sixth, with damage inflicted by some well-placed soft kicks through a shift and a gap in a shallow right field. Basit was able to resign in seventh place, but Fairchild’s mistake led the Mets pitcher to drop eight more pitches and face at least two bats than elsewhere.

Monday was just the second of eight attempts when the Mets missed the start of the series this season. On Tuesday at Citi Field, they will try to defeat David Peterson and Carlos Carasco, facing right-handed Charlie Morton (1-2, 7.00 ERA) in Game 1 and right-handed Kyle Wright (3-0, 1.13 ERA) in Game 2.


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