The Mets beat the Rockies behind Carlos Carasco to open the DH, and he was beaten into a nightcap – Reading Eagle

DENVER – The Mets are back in action after a snowman smashed a doubleheader in Mile High City.

The Mets beat the Rockies 5-1 in the first game with a doubleheader at Course Field on Saturday after 5.1 solid innings from Carlos Carrasco and an early explosion in the offense. The Mets corresponded to their top three-game streak by taking the first game in the doubles. But they badly lost the night cup after erratic performances in a match against Colorado 11-3 in Game 2.

Carrasca, in his debut field at Coors Field, lowered his ERA season to 3.50 after his 87-step effort that limited the Rockies to a single run of seven strokes. The right-handed veteran bounced back from his previous exit when he allowed four earned runs on eight strokes through 4.1 innings without making a decision against the sailors. Carrasca controlled the movement on the base tracks in all but one half on Saturday, but his ability to limit damage kept the Mets in the game.

The right-hander said he felt the effect of thin air while going outside. Coors Field is known to be just about one mile above sea level, making the air density much lower than other major league stadiums. Carrasca said most of the fields in his arsenal were affected by the high-altitude area, so he was relieved when the results worked in his favor.

“It’s completely different and weird,” Carasco said. “There I was suffocating. I spent time between innings. “

Metz manager Buck Shawolter said he was trying to get Carrasco to slow down at breaks to help him adjust to the air. The captain and the rest of the Mets coaching staff warned their players before arriving in Denver about problems causing fatigue at Course Field.

Trevor Williams, making a serve for just a three-day break, coughed up four earned wounds at his starting spot in Game 2. All four allowed Williams wounds brought Sija Krona in the first inning and Brian Cerven in the home run twice. other. Rocky catcher Serven strangled Dinger of Williams and the next man from the Mets bullpen in Adonis Medina, who stumbled heavily in his fourth landmark appearance of the year.

Medina passed five earned runs on six strokes in just 1.1 innings in the sixth inning of seven runs that opened the game for the Rockies. Chazen Shriv, settling in the relief of Medina, failed to provide much of this. Shrive allowed two more runs on three strokes before finally collecting two outs and completing the messy inning.

The Mets ’attack, after receiving 11 hits in the extra-ining against the Cardinals on Thursday, continued where it left off, followed by a snowball in Denver on Friday. Kickstarted by An emotional home run in the first inning of Starling MarteThe Mets strikers have amassed 13 shots against three Colorado pitchers, including starting pitcher Herman Marquez, in the first double-header game on a striker-friendly football field. After a long day at the Baseball, the Mets did not create many opportunities to attack in Game 2.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Mets (27-15) have played 19 double headers. No other team has played more than 10 during this period. Over the past two years, they have earned at least a stake in all 19 of their twin accounts. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the club’s series of 19 consecutive double-heads without results is the longest in Metz’s history. Amazin is currently leading the major tournaments, having played five double-heads in just the first quarter of the 2022 season.


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