The Ministry of Health is urging people to donate blood after reporting a “critical” deficiency

Author: KDKA-TV News Officer

HARISBURG (KDKA) – The Pennsylvania Department of Health is raising the alarm, announcing earlier this week that the state is experiencing “critical” blood shortages due to COVID-19.

The pandemic has led to fewer or fewer people being able or willing to donate blood.

Health systems say they are counting on regular donations to provide rescue operations and treatment to patients, many of whom need blood transfusions.

The deficit stems from a general national trend of declining donations during the pandemic.

There are five main places where Pennsylvania residents can go to donate blood or find resources in their nearest location: the Greater Pennsylvania American Red Cross Region, the Central Pennsylvania Blood Bank, the Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York Joint Blood Bank, Western New York Miller-Keyston and Vitalant. Blood center.

You must be at least 16 years old, 120 pounds and generally in good health to donate.

The Red Cross asks people to make an appointment to donate blood due to a lack of blood. Click here for details.

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