The mother of a high school student Perry says her son was attacked twice in one day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Junior in high school Perry said he was twice attacked at school on Thursday.

“I’m furious. They can’t protect our children at all,” said Chrissy Higgs, the boy’s mother.

She said that a video from her mobile phone showed that her son had been hit with a can and then attacked at school on Thursday.

“The kid comes up, throws a can in his head, and then just starts beating him,” Higgs said.

The mother said her son and his girlfriend were driven into a corner and several students started flying fists.

“They pinned him and his girlfriend in the corner. And the three of them just started beating him, beating him, kicking him,” Higgs said.

She believes her son was attacked for protecting his girlfriend. The boy was taken to the intensive care unit.

“He has a lot of bruises on his face, bruises on his head, scratches and cuts all over his chest and back. He is currently being tested for concussions in the emergency department,” Higgs said.

She said she was very concerned about her son’s safety.

“They can’t control these kids,” Higgs said. “They have a whole school of children they can’t control.”

“I don’t feel like they’re trying to keep our kids safe as they should,” she added.

A district spokesman said security guards and officers quickly dispersed the brawl involving several students who were sent home. The incident is being considered.

“They’re just as bad as students who do what they do. They let them do what they do, and basically say it’s okay because they have no consequences. Their consequences are one day with schools, ”Higgs said. .

KDKA-TV asked the district what discipline students may face and what it does for safety, but received no response.

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