The national shortage of chicken wings affects the restaurants of the district Berks Regional News

MUHLENBERG TWP., Retired, Boxer retired, Dina Anchor knows the fight when he’s in it. Now, as the owner of Dino’s Wings and Things in the town of Müllenberg, his latest battle in the pandemic is the shortage of chicken wings in the country.

“Someone just said they went out somewhere and paid $ 19.95 for 12 wings,” Yakarina said.

He says he was able to get wings from his supplier, Bell and Evans, making a smaller wing that is less in demand. Its prices remained the same, but about half of the supplies of its wings were frozen.

“If you fry them frozen, not all the time, but sometimes … you notice the difference,” said Yakarina. “Bones are a different color, they can be more fragile from freezing, and I prefer not to.”

Some blame the shortage of the restaurant business, others blame the February winter storm in Texas. Whatever the reason, Mark Klinger flies behind the wings.

“I spent the whole last week talking to all my suppliers, trying my best to get the wings in stock,” said Klinger, owner of Klinger’s pubs in Lower Alsace and Bern, which are buying more in-demand larger wings. “Half the time I’m told they’re unavailable or they won’t be available for a few days. And if they are available, they cost the highest price.”

Klinger says prices for the wings of his pubs have not changed yet. He says boneless wings aren’t so bad now, and says you should consider ordering them next time you have a wing.

“We understand you want wings, and we’ll get them as soon as we get them,” Klinger said.

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