The new album Muse is the “best hits of songs” Music

Muse’s new album is “the best hits of new songs”.

The Plug In Baby hitmakers, formed in 1994, were not “fans” of celebrating their long careers with a collection of singles, but think they still provided fans with a retrospective in their upcoming album “Will of the People”. ”Because it goes through so many different genres.

Frontman Matt Bellamy said: “We’ve reached the point where we’ve started talking about maybe recording an album with the biggest hits, and we weren’t for that. So we almost made a record, which is an album of the greatest hits – with new songs.

“It means there could be a metal track on this album – and it’s kind of the best metal track we’ve ever written. Is there some soft ballad, a song about love, and it’s probably the best ballad about love we’ve ever written, and so on.

“It’s a montage of the best of the Muse. It’s a new look at all the types of genres we’ve touched on in the past. “

Matt also believes it’s the band’s most American record to date after the coronavirus pandemic led him and his wife El Evans to spend most of the blockade in Los Angeles.

He told The Big Issue: “I missed England. I didn’t think I would miss you as much as I did

“I went to live in America in 2010, but always came back to the UK often.

“But then during the pandemic I had to stay there and live in Los Angeles for two years. It really gave me a pretty serious acquaintance with the American way of life, American politics and everything that happened during that period. All the chaos we saw in America between the election and the inauguration certainly had a big impact on this record. ”


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