The New Holland District Council decides police issues News

When: New Holland City Council meeting, April 5th.

What happened: The district council received a letter of thanks from Lancaster County Attorney Heather Adams Council and Chief Bill Lithy for allowing Detective Troy Dashong to work in Lancaster County to combat drugs. This year, the county also budgeted $ 5,743 for the Drug Task Force, and supported it each year using the county formula. Until recently, Dashong served periodically in the Drug Task Force for eight years; he is still in the New Holland police.

Thanks from DA: Adams praised Deshong for his leadership and professionalism as an investigator and “the overall commitment of the New Holland District and its police department to fighting the war on drugs in the area and across the Lancaster County community.”

Quoted: “Detective Deshong, who served on the Drug Enforcement Task Force, has had a major impact on our police department and the security of our community and county,” said Mayor Tim Bender.

Also: Laity introduced to the Council five officers who officially joined the new Dutch Police Department on Veterans Day last year. Officers Andrew Cruz, Wyoming; Kyle Hackney, Euphrates; Derek Kanuk, York; Lori King, East Earl; Shannon McCormick, Lancaster. Laity expressed pride in the fact that these officers are part of the police.

Applying for a grant: The council passed a resolution asking the district to apply for a $ 40,000 Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program grant from the Commonwealth Funding Office to be used to create a butterfly community community.

Stormwater improvement project: Engineer Darrell Becker, ARRO Consulting, Lititz, presented and approved the board an additional modification for the Conestoga Street stormwater project to add additional drainage in the backyard of 536 W. Conestoga St. and remove the existing 30-inch CMP pipe to the backyard inlet into the manhole, and replace it with a new 36-inch smooth-bore, heavy-duty plastic pipe free for owners. District manager Dick Fulcher estimated the change would add about $ 9,000 to the project.

Donation: The council approved a $ 5,000 budget allocation to the Joint Veterans Council to support Remembrance Day events.

Street overlap: Monday, Sept. 5, East Jackson Street between South Kinzer Avenue to the east and Park Avenue, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., for Fiddler’s Summer Arts picnic.

– Carole Deck, For LNP | LancasterOnline

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