The new Sony PS5 model has reportedly been spotted in Japan

Tokyo: The new Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) console has reportedly been spotted in Japan ahead of planned upgrades to current PS5 hardware. According to GizmoChina, the new equipment is being certified in Japan and has just received construction design certification. Sony PS5 goes out of stock in seconds, users complain on Twitter that they did not get a pre-order slot.

There are indications that the new version of the Sony PS5 is a model of the CFI-1200 series with part of the updated radio equipment, the report said.

The radio equipment in the supposedly updated PS5 may mean a lower price for the PS5 due to the choice of cheaper components. The updated PS5 can also provide more efficient use of existing components.

Although this is a small feature, the PS5 Pro may be in the pipeline. However, a global shortage of chips could hamper such a possibility, the report said. Thus, the CFI-1200 series remains a likely minor upgrade expected for the PS5.

Meanwhile, next month the company releases three new PS5 covers. In late 2021, the tech giant announced its plans to begin production of PS5 plates in five new color options. It was followed by the sale of PS5 consoles with northern black and space red plates. By mid-2022, three other color options were to appear: pink, galactic purple, and star blue. Now Sony has released these three color plates for the PS5.

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