The new “Uprising Index” identifies 16 politicians who supported the January 6 uprising News | Pittsburgh

Voting Rights Organization Public wise wants Pennsylvania residents to watch 16 rebel candidates for elected office. Their new search database, Uprising Indexholds more than a thousand records of individuals and organizations holding public office that were involved in the deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“In terms of the Public Wise, [their] the goal was to silence the voices of voters, ” Tells co-founder and CEO of Public Wise Christina Baal-Owens Pittsburgh City Newspaper. Many of the politicians in the Uprising Index are currently running for re-election, which, according to Public Wise, is a matter of serious concern.

“We are really alarmed by the fact that these are far-right supporters of white supremacy, who are running for office, such as Congress, who are running for the state Senate, who are running for governor, who are running for school,” he said. Baal. Says Owens.

“We are separated by one or two elections from the constitutional crisis due to the undermining of the election,” said Public Wise co-founder Mark Elias. The Guardian. “If we do not recognize who was behind the attempt to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, then next time we will be less prepared and it may work.”

Pennsylvania is one of the strategic goals of the Public Wise. In addition to his electoral importance in the presidential election cycle, Public Wise has identified 16 individuals who are currently running for office in Pennsylvania, who somehow participated in the January 6 uprising, which the organization said was held. “Disrupt the official procedure of the Congress, which confirms the results of the 2020 elections.”

The index includes politicians. Well. e.g. Charlie Herovwho is currently running for Republican nomination for governor, and Sam DeMarco IIIat the will of a member of the Allegheny District Council, chairman of the Allegheny District Republican Committee and a member of the Allegheny Constituency Election Commission, because both Wisconsin Examiner reports, subp fake voter IDs falsely claiming that Donald Trump was the legitimate recipient of the Pennsylvania Electoral College.

Local rep. Mike Kelly (R-Butler) and Guy Reshantaller (R-Greensburg) is also listed in the index for disseminating misinformation about the 2020 election and voting against the confirmation of the results of the January 6, 2021 Pennsylvania election. Others, for example, Rick Saccone (R-Elizabeth), to compile the list because they attended the January 6 event in Washington, DC

Baal-Owens says Pennsylvania is one of the states with a “higher density” of “insurgents” in this election cycle and has a significant number of those seeking high-level positions. “There are people running, in fact, at every level,” she adds.

While she says it is important in the next election cycle to keep people on the non-government list, Baal-Owens wants to encourage progressive voters to take a longer-term perspective with a view to generational political change.

“These are the people who will now decide who will have the right to choose, because it concerns the state legislature, how elections are held, who can vote, what you need to show to be able to vote, the barriers to voting that are taught in schools, how taxpayer dollars are used, ”she says. “So we’re really waging a long-term struggle to make sure these people … don’t have that kind of control and access to taxpayer dollars to meet their agenda.”


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