The Northumberland Theater League will take part in an exclusive music show Pennsylvania News

SHAMOKIN – The Northumberland Theater League will take part in the global event “All together now!”, Dedicated to the local theater.

The International Musical Theater (MTI) provides schools and theaters around the world with this exclusive musical review with songs from the MTI show. MTI said the past year and a half have been extremely difficult for theater organizations and is offering this exclusive musical review as a way to support thousands of theaters that survive in difficult circumstances. “All together now!” conceived as a fundraiser for local theaters that will perform live from 12 to 15 November.

The Northumberland Theater League will present this exclusive musical review on Saturday, November 13, at 7pm and Sunday, November 14, at 2pm at the Northumberland County Career and Arts Center, 2 E. Arch St., Shamokin. Tickets costing $ 10 will be available at the door.

The producer is Sharon Steer, and the sound director is Kevin Steer. Hailey Cooper is part of the stage group. Local cast includes Russell Vin Jr., Abby Long, Trevor Taylor, Michael Haven, Samantha Stancavege, Naomi Drys, Bennett Elijah, Alain Glavatsky, Tony Vandalosky, Jonathan Clark, Brent Fisher and Sharon Steer.

“Pure Imagination” from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Writing Down the Story of My Life” from “Junie B. Jones”, “Back to Before” from “Ragtime”, “She Used to Be May” from “Waitress”, “Save me” from “Mamma Mia!” “Let It Go” with “Frozen”, “Beautiful City” with “Godspell”, “Good Riddance, Time of Your Life” with “American Idiot” and “Sit Down, You’re Rockin ‘the Boat” with Guys and Dolls ».

According to MTI, more than 2,500 organizations from all 50 states and 40 countries signed up for the event over the weekend. More than 5,500 individual performances will be held.

Other upcoming productions include Reading High School, Hamilton-Gibson Production in Walesbury, Minersville Junior / Senior High School, Midwestern High School in Middleburg, the Joint Theater League in Williamsport and Potsville High School.

John Prinyana, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Education and Development of MTI, explained that MTI has streamlined its licensing process for this special event and there are no restrictions or restrictions on how many theaters in a particular geographical area can license a review.

The goal, he added, is for as many theaters as possible to create a review on their own or team up with other organizations in their communities to organize a joint production.

“Go out and watch this phenomenal show and support the local theater,” said Sharon Steer, producer of the Northumberland Theater League show. “Other upcoming events: the Anthracite Symphonic Band concert on December 9 and the Christmas show Re-Creations on December 17. All tickets cost $ 10.

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