The Oscars are scheduled for March 12, 2023. Entertainment

NEW YORK (AP) – The Academy Awards will be presented next year on March 12, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said on Friday.

Date 95th Academy Awards On March 27, they passed unusually late, in part because of the February Olympics. But it will also leave in effect a long season of awards, which some say undermines the Oscars.

At the 94th Academy Awards, this was not enough, although not as planned by the Film Academy. On a the night when “CODA” Apple TV + became the first movie with a predominantly deaf cast and the first streaming service film to win the best film, the infamous slap of Will Smith host Chris Rock overshadowed the awards.

Smith has since resigned from the academywhich banned the actor for 10 years from attending the Oscars..

ABC will broadcast the ceremony again next year.

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