The Other Side of Time: Hulu is releasing a trailer for “Orville: New Horizons.”

Seth McFarlane’s epic space adventure series Orville: New Horizons returns exclusively as the original Hulu series.

We here at Ars were very much missed by the fearless USS crew Orville. Production at third season with Orville abruptly stopped in March 2020 due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the series is finally back with a new home on Hulu, a new name (Orville: New Horizons), as well as a new entertaining trailer, full of all space action and cheerful good humor in the face of the danger we expected from this science fiction series.

(Spoilers for previous seasons Orville below.)

Like me written earlierthe action of the series takes place aboard the USS Orville (ECV-197), a research spacecraft in the service of a 25th-century interstellar alliance known as the Planetary Alliance. Creator and star of the series Seth McFarlane (Family guy), who plays Captain Ed Mercer, was a big fan Star Trek growing, especially The next generationso it’s not surprising Orville embraced a similar sensitivity. Like me wrote in his review S2“It’s a clever series that combines humor and witty dialogue with cutting-edge science, ethical reflection, casual literary references and a true heart.”

The first season introduced us to the characters and their fictional world, developing a central relationship. The second season experienced this relationship with an ambitious and emotionally strong two-part finale that creates an alternative timeline in which the Keylons conquered half of the known galaxy (and destroyed Earth in the process). The two participants followed a classic image of how changing seemingly minor details in the big scheme of things – Ed and Kelly going on their first date – could have consequences that would change the world. The Orville was destroyed in an attempt to restore the original timeline, but we did not know whether these efforts were successful.

The third season will have 11 episodes, two less than previous seasons, but each episode will be 12-15 minutes longer. All the main cast members are back, with the addition of a new cast of Ann Winters, who plays Ensign Navigator Charlie Burke. S3 also marks one of the last roles of Norma MacDonald, voiced by Lieutenant Jaffitt, a gelatin engineer on face change; McDonald died last fall after a long battle with cancer.

Капітан Эд Мерсер (Сэт Макфарлейн) і камандзір Кэлі Грэйсан (Эдрыен Паліцкі) на мосце лайнера USS <em>Orville</em>. “src =”×427.jpg “width =” 640 “height =” 427 “srcset =” https: // cdn. 2x “/></a><figcaption class=
Increase / Captain Ed Mercer (Seth McFarlane) and Commander Kelly Grayson (Adrienne Politski) on the USS Bridge Orville.

YouTube / Hulu

According to the official premise: “Set 400 years in the future, Orville: New Horizons finds the USS crew Orville continue their research mission, understanding both the mysteries of the universe and the complexity of their own interpersonal relationships. ” Hulu refused the first minutes of the opening of episode S3 in February at the same time the streaming platform announced it was promoting the release Orville: New Horizons from March to June, partly to soften the blow for avid fans.

The official trailer publishes literature with an introductory reference to 19th century sonnets. “Asimandia“by Perche Bysshe Shelley, so at some point we will probably be dealing with topics of ultimate volatility even seemingly dominant empires. And obviously the Kaylons still pose a significant threat to humanity as a whole and to the crew on Orville in particular. (“You give up or die” is not a very kind word.) Ed is still hoping for a better future. But can there ever be peaceful coexistence, as crew member Kaylon Isaac (Mark Jackson) hopes, if one race wants the death of another?

Orville: New Horizons debuts at Hulu on June 2, 2022.

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