The owner of the bar Catasauqua and his companion are outraged on the Internet for racist comments after the video of the driver of tourists went viral – The Morning Call

The video is quite shocking from the beginning. Then it takes an even more ugly turn.

Outside of Fossil’s Last Stand, a bar in Katasaukua, a woman identified as bar owner Jackie Harford climbs into the back of a car where you can drive, see the driver and express surprise.

“Wow, you’re like a white guy,” she says.

This comment elicits feedback that has shocked and angered thousands of people who have seen and shared videos online where driver James W. Bode, published this after the incident on Friday night.

Bode is surprised by the comment. “Excuse me?” he says.

“Are you a normal guy?” Harford says. “Do you speak English?”

She laughs and pats Bode on the shoulder, but he tells her the comment was inappropriate and orders her to get out of the car. A woman’s companion then joins the conversation. “You’re a dick —- a —-,” he tells the driver. “I have to punch you in the face.”

Bode calls the couple racist. The man responds, calling him a “n —- lover.”

Warning: This video contains graphic language.

The video spread on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and elsewhere, and the consequences for Harford were immediate. She closed the bar’s website and Facebook page and deleted her personal page. The bar was closed on Saturday and the phone rang unanswered on Sunday. Otherwise, Harford could not be reached for comment.

Bode, who posted the video on his Facebook page, could not be reached for comment, but in a subsequent post he thanked the people who approached him.

“I really appreciate it,” he wrote. “But it has to be everywhere, every time. I don’t have to be the “guy” who did or said it… we all have to be that kind of person. Speak when you are uncomfortable, because it makes them uncomfortable, as it should be.

In an initial statement, Bode said he had filed a complaint with the Katasaukua police. No one responded to the request for comment from the department.

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On Facebook and Yelp, the review site, people thanked Bode.

“Every white man should watch and learn from your example,” one woman wrote. “Don’t let it go for peace – call it.”

People also surprised Harford and the man. He was identified as a Harford guy, but his identity could not be confirmed by The Morning Call.

“Whether you need masks (in Fossil’s Last Stand) or customers need to bring their own white hood,” someone wrote on Yelp, one of many comments about the Ku Klux Klan.

On Facebook, a black man posted a video taken early Saturday in which he walks into a bar and asks about the incident.

The man behind the scenes says it was a “misunderstanding”.

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