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Bock Vocational School, a building located in South Philadelphia and built in 1936, was once home to various trade schools. Able to accept about 300 students, due to lack of enrollment, the school was closed in 2013. Opening in 2014 under the leadership of the interdisciplinary design firm Scout, Bok has come back to life as an affordable workplace for ceramists, artists, make-up artists, photographers and more. To showcase current tenants and goods, Bok will open its doors on Friday, May 6, from 6pm to 9pm to visit the open studios.

“There are so many creative things happening in the building all the time that we wanted to give the public the opportunity to meet the tenants, talk to them, get to know them, and the opportunity to meet the audience. So twice a year we do spring and fall, we really just open the door for visitors to wander around the building, ”says Casey Rosario, Bok’s director of marketing and communications.

The first day of the open studio was launched in 2016, the mission was to welcome the community into what was known as a mysterious or ghostly space. The guest will have the opportunity to wander around the space and attend live events, as well as get the opportunity to shop at local vendors. Bok, an inclusive workspace, prides itself on its diverse group of tenants. Those looking to purchase Black can find DNA Floral, Florist, Moore Vintage, a vintage clothing brand, and the first editions of books, and Philadelphia Printworks, where guests are invited to bring a T-shirt to participate in screen printing.

The open studio session is free for participants and will have many activities to entertain people as they study the open studio.

“We have different things going on. We will have a workshop area on the ground floor, an open Miles table, a Two Persons Coffee Shop, we have Moore Vintage, and the audience will share our Bok comments, just more about Bok and information about it. We will also open a gym that will have a small pop-up bar to just see how people can use the gym [for] different spaces. And then on the other floors, [people] can roam freely. ” says Julie Ginta, coordinator for community engagement and activities.

For those watching, from the age of 21 you can enjoy Hawaiian fusion cuisine and drinks from food partner Friswit x Poi Dogo.

Despite the fluctuations of COVID rules, the Bok team wanted to assure visitors that they had introduced safeguards for the safety of all visitors.

“We are all trying to find out what is the safest and most secure for our guests for the building and for all participants. We adjusted according to the recommendations of the city of Philadelphia. So at the moment we no longer have a mandate for a mask, but we encourage people to wear a mask if it makes them feel more comfortable. And also allow tenants to create their own policies based on how they feel. ” Says Casey.

“It’s a really great event and a day to celebrate the Boko building and everyone who is a part of it. It’s a really good way to celebrate businesses, the team and all the premises, ”says the manager of Brogan Austin Events from Scout.

Residents of Philadelphia who are interested in what is going on inside Boca, head to 1901 S 9th Street, where you can shop, art, socialize and more. For more information, visit buildingbok.com

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