The pickup truck knocked down a Bethel Park officer

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – A Bethel Park officer was hit by a pickup truck on Friday night.

The head of Bethel Park confirmed that the officer was assessed by the ambulance service after he was hit by a car. The officer was taken to hospital, his condition is unknown.

The truck drove down Bethel Church Road toward Route 88, the chief said. As a result, the driver was taken into custody.


(Photo: KDKA photojournalist Bryce Lutz)

The witness said he was on his way to Bruster’s when he noticed that the driver was getting impatient to drive. Construction is underway on the Library Road where the accident took place.

The witness said he watched as the driver just drove through the intersection and hit the officer.

“Honestly, this is the worst I’ve ever witnessed, so it’s really shocking, because you’d think someone would just have a little more patience to wait and get through the intersection if they’re driven,” he said. Tyler John.

The incident is the second case only this month when a Bethel park officer was beaten by a driver. Last week, police said the officer was injured in a collision with a driver with disabilities with 14 convictions.

Police have not identified the person detained in Friday’s accident.

District police were also on the scene along with the collision reconstruction unit.


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