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What a time to be alive – and cover politics. The “unpredictable” does not begin to describe the political landscape in 2022. Both the Republican and Democratic parties are in a state of transformation. The value systems they uphold and who they want to represent are at the heart of what is at stake in the next election cycle. Although the midterm elections are known for low voter turnout, the reality is that whoever wins this year’s primary election will pave the way for a controversial battle in November 2022. The outcome of this general election could turn the balance of power from one side to the other, potentially shifting America’s political ideology forever.

Prior to this primaries, I had the unique perspective and privilege of interviewing many Democratic candidates, as well as opinion leaders who were discussing issues that Pennsylvania residents want to know about during Pittsburgh City Paper ‘s a weekly live show on Instagram, After Hours.

Democrats are in a difficult position: trying to win over both moderate Republicans while caring for progressives, and defending collective human rights while recognizing human rights. From incumbent leaders like State MP Summer Lee running for office modern role in the House of State also as initiating an application to participate in Congress against law professor Jerry Dickinson and attorney Steve Irwin, among others Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiroa lone favorite in the Democratic ticket, running for governor, tensions are palpable.

The sheer number of people running for Congress is enough to make you dizzy, both Democrats and Republicans. Top three contenders in the senator include Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, Congressman Conor Lamb, and Philadelphia State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta. Anyone running for office – and no one can guess that a third of the electorate has yet to decide – may be fighting against New Jersey-based TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz or former hedge fund CEO David McCormick. Former President Donald Trump has officially approved Dr. Oz. Whether it helps him or harms, remains to be seen.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be afraid! Pittsburgh City Newspaper you covered. You can not only catch up with past episodes After hours to learn more about the candidates and their platforms in person, you can also check out this handy 2022 Democratic Party primary election guide before heading to the polls on Tuesday, May 17th.

Below you will find side by side comparative charts of several races, including the ones mentioned above as well Well. State House District 24in which incumbent Martel Cowton confronts La’Tasha Mace and Randall Taylor. You will meet with candidates at lieutenant-governor: Austin Davis, who prefers Shapiro, as well as Brian Sims and Ray Sosa. And you will learn more about Well. State District 19 with Aerion Abney to go against Glen Grayson.

After interviewing so many of the candidates listed above, I asked many the same question: “Why vote?” With the level of apathy and hopelessness that many of us feel, mixed with the 24-hour doomsday news cycle, the political process may seem fruitless.

But, as in the past, candidates and opinion leaders from across our community have sounded the alarm that our voice is our voice. If we vote, things can change. They can progress, or they can turn back. If we want to build a fairer world, we must appear. Not just every four years, but at every election, every time, and we have to take our friends with us. Our collective strength lies in our voting. We must protect it, preserve and extend that right to as many people of this nation as possible. Democracy is a fragile thing. Let us not forget that we, the people, have the power to bring to justice those who have power. They work for us. So let’s get started.

Josh Shapirothe only Democrat running for governor
Lieutenant-Governor of Pennsylvania: Austin Davis, Brian Sims and Ray Sosa
US Senate: John Fetterman, Malcolm Kenyatta, Conor Lamb and Alexandria Khalil
U.S. District 12: Jerry Dickinson, Steve Irwin, Summer Lee, William Parker and Jeff Woodard
Pennsylvania County, 19: Erion Abney and Glen Grayson
Pennsylvania County, 24: Martel Covington, La’Tasha D. Mace and Randall Taylor
Pennsylvania County, 34: Summer Lee and Abigail Salisbury

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