The Pittsburgh fire chief was involved in an accident on the way to the Edgebrook fire

Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Fire Chief had an accident on his way to the Edgebrook fire.

According to the Public Security Service, on Friday night at the intersection of Brooklyn and White Street Chief Daryl Jones and another car crashed. Jones’s SUV headlights and sirens were turned on at the time, public safety said.

The driver of the car had cut head wounds but was not taken to hospital, and Jones said he was experiencing shoulder pain, public safety said.

Jones was taken to the hospital for a drug test, which, according to a public safety statement, is a policy for any employee who drives a city vehicle.

A police officer was also taken to the hospital to help with smoke inhalation.

Two elderly people who lived in a house on Berkshire Avenue did well.

Police said ammunition exploded during the fire, which slowed firefighters.

The causes of the accident and fire are being investigated.

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