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The postmaster general: get used to “inconvenient” tariff increases | Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – Americans must get used to the “uncomfortable” increase in the rate of postal items in the coming years, as the US Postal Service seeks to become self-sufficient, said on Thursday General Postman Louis Dejoy.

The postal board is setting tariffs for postage, but DeJ said he would support raising prices until “we reach our goal of projecting a trajectory that shows we are self-sustaining.”

“I believe we have seriously damaged at least 10 years of a flawed pricing model that cannot be met by one or two annual price increases, especially in this inflationary environment,” he added.

Dejoy made remarks at a board meeting at which the postal service reported losses of about $ 1.7 billion over the last quarter.

A brief reconstruction designed to support the financial future of the postal service will be reflected in the results of the next quarter. The long-delayed law also provides for mail delivery six days a week.

The bill was signed by President Joe Biden the same day the postal service announced plans for the latest rate hike.

If the increase receives the final approval of the Commission for the Regulation of Postal Services, then from July 10, the cost of first-class stamp “forever” will increase by 2 cents to 60 cents.

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