When was the last time you had fun? When did you do something that filled you with joy, fun and energy?

Scientific journalist KATHERINE PRICE believes that many of us are starving for pleasure. We believe that watching TV or scrolling social networks satisfies this need. But Price says it’s actually “fake entertainment.” “Real pleasure,” she says, “is playfulness, connection and flow, a magical combination that can evoke a sense of upliftment, energy and vigor for hours – even days.”

In his new book, The power of fun: how to feel alive againPrice discusses the importance of having fun, why it’s so underrated and how we can turn it on to live a happier, healthier and more connected life.


Catherine Pricescientific journalist and author The power of fun: how to feel alive again and How to part with the phone. She is the founder Screen Life Balance.com

Recommended reading

Huffington Post, That’s why you need to do an interesting audit (yes, really) right now – A fun audit is a process of finding out how much fun you have (or not) right now, and identifying your personal “fun magnets” and “fun factors” so you can make a plan to incorporate more entertainment opportunities into your life. ».

Parade, Author Catherine Price says we need to stop thinking that time is money and learn to have more fun – our health depends on it – “One thing I found particularly interesting in my own research was that when people described past experiences of true fun, the vast majority included other people, even for introverts who described themselves. ”

New York Times, How to part with the phone – “I still wanted to use my phone when it was useful or fun. But I wanted a new relations with him – with better boundaries and over which I had more control.

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