The Powerball Monday jackpot on May 16 is valued at $ 90 million

We are in the middle of the month and still waiting for the next big one Powerball jackpot win. For today’s draw, May 16the main prize is about $ 90 million. The one-time cash prize is $ 52.6 million.

One lucky Powerball player South Carolina coincided with the first five white balls Picture of Saturday night. З Power Play an option on their ticket that luck will attract $ 2 million.

The Power Play option costs extra $ 1 and multiplies prizes without a jackpot-based multiplier selected during each draw. The maximum prize that Power Play receives $ 2 million.

There is another surcharge for $ 1 Double game allows you to play your numbers in a special the second imagewith the grand prize $ 10 million.

Check out winning Powerball numbers belowafter drawing on 23:00.

Winning Powerball Numbers for Monday, May 16, 2022

Winning numbers:



Lottery Weekend News Summary

Lottery PA Cash 5 with Quick Cash the game had another big winner Saturday, May 14th drawing. One player Wayne County played all five played balls, 1-9-13-15-20 to win the jackpot $ 200,000.

That’s it fifth Cash 5 jackpots just this month. Last month the ticket sold out Alegen County won $ 1 million on cash 5.

Three State Tobacco250 Grandview Avenue, st Honsdaleearns a $ 500 bonus for selling a Saturday ticket.

In other news, the PA lottery game, which has not seen a winner recently, advertises its own the highest jackpot in history. In fact, it is the highest prize in the history of the PA lottery Fast game games. Progressive jackpot for The best dollar evaluation game $ 1.76 million. Sales of this game will end as soon as the current jackpot is reached.

Free benefits for online PA lottery players

Register for the state online lottery today and you get it $ 20 in free play on the site. If you deposit money to play online games, you will receive a deposit bonus up to $ 500.

The PA online lottery VIP Players Club join for free and offers great opportunities and benefits for online players. You can receive notifications of winning numbers via text or email and you will always receive an automatic notification when you win a prize.

Good luck, and always play responsibly.

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