The PPA waives the repayment requirement from the school district Local news

This week, the Philadelphia Parking Authority withdrew its request for a $ 10.8 million payment from the Philadelphia County School.

In December, the PPA demanded that the school district repay what it called an overpayment of nearly $ 11 million.

“From the beginning, I made it clear that the parking administration is never going to take a single dollar from our schools,” said city council member Helen Him. “Today’s concession to the PPA, with a turnover of $ 10.8 million, shows that they have far exceeded and once again underestimated the strength of our school communities.”

Gym said the PPA has cases of financial mismanagement and forced leadership changes, as well as surprises in its budget.

“The need for independent oversight has never been more obvious, and today’s announcement does not change that fact. I reiterate that the PPA cannot continue to have the final say on its own budget. The city of Philadelphia must sign the PPA budget.

“We need to look at how this request came about and determine if the school district really has a debt from the PPA.”

In February, the Gym said it would investigate the PPA at official hearings and would continue to move forward despite a backlash from parking authorities.

City Council President Darrell Clark said he was pleased that the fleets and the city had resolved their financial dispute.

“Every dollar or amount of income coming to the school district must remain in the school district to fulfill its primary responsibility for the education of each child in its schools. Regardless of the nature of this dispute, the only thing that really matters is educating our children and providing the district with the resources it needs. ”

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