The premiere of the dramatic thriller, shot in Pittsburgh, Hiret, will take place at the Tall Family Theater. Screen | Pittsburgh

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As Pittsburgh continues to grow as a hub for film and television production, it will also continue to grow as an epicenter for young film talent. One local filmmaker, Xane Allen, will try to make his mark with the debut of his latest film, Hiret.

Hireta dramatic thriller created by Elena GWA Productions, The premiere will take place on Wednesday, May 25th on Tul Family Theater. The film is the first feature film created as part of GWA Productions in collaboration with 3BT Productions, a combination of GWA Productions, Fernando De La Cruz Films and Gray Matter Productions.

Screening during Mental Health Month, Hiret Is a sincere and bold story about the impact of mental illness on human life. Named after the Welsh word “homesickness”, the film tells the story of a young man whose bullying by his mother shaped his entire reality. After he believes he witnessed the murder, he begins to doubt his own memories because of the trauma he suffered.

“The working title was A man named Malcolmand we were told it wasn’t powerful enough, ”Allen says Pittsburgh City Newspaper by email. “So I was looking for a word. Malcolm never went through what he lost with his mother, and I found this (Welsh) word, which was perfect. We renamed it that day. “

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Photo: provided by the Tul Family Theater

Hiret writer / director Xain Allen

Filmed entirely in Pittsburgh with local actors and film crew, the film presents a work of love for Helen. A 12-year-old filmmaker, he currently writes, directs and produces short and feature films throughout Pittsburgh and Hiret is the culmination of efforts he has made in the local film scene over the years.

“It’s the premiere of our first film. It’s exciting,” says Allen. “We want everyone to watch it and learn from it.”

He adds that he got acquainted with the Tull Family Theater in time 48-hour film projectand believed it would be the perfect place for Hiretpremiere.

“When we found out that they offer their films to local directors for free, it was perfect,” says Allen.

Allen hopes that his small, powerful personal film will get a response from viewers.

“The film is really about forgiveness and how it can harm you and save lives,” says Allen. “We want people to notice something new every time they watch it.”

Watch the trailer for Hiret below:

Hiret. 7pm Wednesday, May 25th. Tul Family Theater. 418 Walnut St., Sewickley. Free. Sign up for tickets.

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