The promise of a veteran scout cub leads to today’s Eagle Scout ceremony [I Know a Story column] | Together

Going back to the beginning of his scout career in package 146 in Canestaz, I remember taking a baby scout to a show and selling popcorn. It was at Stauffers from Kissel Hill in Rorerstown on Saturday morning.

All was well when a gentleman came out of the door, and this scout asked if he wanted to buy popcorn. The response was that he did not eat popcorn, but since he was a veteran, he would be willing to donate to send popcorn to members of the armed forces if a scout promised to do something for him. The scout asked that, and the answer was: keep going, stay in scouting and become an eagle scout.

The scout shook the man’s hand and made that promise. I wasn’t sure if that really recorded what he had just done, but it was only a few years later that he also became a boy scout in Squad 146 of Canesto.

As he began his journey through the ranks and various positions, he really made an effort to make it happen and fulfill that promise.

As this has continued, I have personally seen him change, become more outgoing, ready to take on challenges, help people and keep his word to friends and relatives.

He became more involved in leadership roles in scouts, from leadership and patrol work to helping young scouts. He also became a better speaker, strengthened communication skills with adults. You could see the trust develop, because his word was good and you can count on him.

He volunteered to help at the local car dealership (Susquehanna Valley GTO Club) as an ambassador for visiting children, and assisted in fundraising for the Building Bridges Foundation, the work of fire companies, etc.

Today he fulfilled a promise made to the veteran a few years ago. Thanks to hard work, determination and dedication, becoming an eagle scout has become a reality. To this day, he remembers giving this promise to that veteran, and this was the main reason for achieving this goal – “this promise” to become an eagle scout.

He continues in everyday life to always be there, to help someone and try to do the right thing. He has always been one of those who signed up to help in the past and help at any scout event. I like to see the respect he has for others and what they have for him.

We only regret that we never found out the name of that veteran. Because the Scout Eagles ceremony today, Sunday, March 27th.

However so veteran: if you’re there and you’re reading this and you remember what happened to you, know he did it!

Donavan Edgele is an eagle-scout with a palm, thanks to donations more than money – a personal challenge that has been accepted and taken to heart.

The author lives in Canesto and is the leader of the Scout Detachment 149. Eagle Scout Donavan Edgele of Canestoy is studying at Penn Manor High School.

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