The Reading County School encourages parents to enroll their children in kindergarten or preschool the following school year.

The current school year may be a few weeks before graduation, but the Reading School District is urging parents to start waiting for the next one.

In particular, parents with children who will begin their school activities in the fall.

On Saturday, six “Swag buses” of school districts visited places across the city to raise awareness about kindergarten and enrollment in kindergarten. District officials noted that now is the time to enroll children for the next school year, which many parents are unaware of.

In an urban school district, usually a large number of families try to enroll at the last minute of the week before the start of the school year, or even on the first day, at school or later. Early registration allows schools to be more prepared when it comes to things like purchasing materials or creating classrooms.

“We can plan better if we know how many students come and which school they go to,” said Dr Jamil Sanchez-Rivera, the district’s chief administrative officer, in a statement announcing the event. “Behind the scenes is a lot of work, which makes everything ideal for the admission of these young students, and early enrollment information ensures that parents do not miss important information.”

Xalixia Jacome pronounces her name from Playdoh during Saturday’s event at Kindergarten “Swag bus” in Reading School District and enrollment in kindergarten. (DAVID MEKIL – READ ALLO)

During Saturday’s event, families were invited to go out to enroll their children for the 2022-23 school year. Children between the ages of three and six were given a bag of healthy snacks and a “package” filled with a book of classes, chalks and a Playdoh.

Kids were also given the opportunity to see a real school bus, one parked at each location.

The events took place at:

• 10th and Green Primary School.

• Amanda E. Stout Elementary School.

• Baer Park.

• Central Park.

• DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton.

• Shuilkill Avenue and Lehigh Street.

While giving schools extra time to prepare for the new school year, early enrollment also gives families a head start in preparing to send a child to school.

“Kindergarten enrollment is one of our favorite times of the year,” Sanchez-Rivera said. “We love meeting new families and students and are preparing to accept them into our Red Knight family.”

Families who were unable to attend Saturday’s event can enroll their student by filling out the online enrollment package at Enrollment packages can also be picked up at the head offices of each of the district’s primary schools.

To enroll in kindergarten by September 1, the student must be 4 years old, by September 1 – five years.

The Chita school district was held by Fr. "swag bus" On Saturday, a recruitment event for kindergartens and preschool children was held at six sites in the city.  (DAVID MECKELL ??
Reading County School held on Saturday at six facilities across the city events for enrollment in kindergarten and kindergarten “Swag bus”. (DAVID MEKIL – READ ALLO)

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